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Grades/Improvers/Other News (Updated 12/12/2022)


CARSC are now a registered charity! This means we are able to apply for funding which we were not previously. A huge thank you to Diane who has spent so much time filling out big forms and other paperwork to get us to where we are now.

We applied to the National Lottery Community Fund for a grant to allow us to keep our costs low for skaters and to assist in paying for hall hire fees. We were successful in applying for this and were awarded £9,999 by the National Lottery Community Fund for our project!! This is amazing for us as a small club and will greatly assist skaters/parents. Following this, we have also been awarded a grant from Ely City Council!





Club Dresses

We now have new club dresses! These are brand new dresses in green with gems across the front and gems around the collar for men's tops. Skaters wore these at the Spring Solo Dance competition.

CARSC 2022 and Competitions

Competition season for 2022 is now over. What a year we have had with a number of big competitions close by each other. Please keep an eye put for news on competitions in 2023. A big well done to all skaters who competed in 2022. We have had some amazing results and everyone should be very proud.

Soham Grades

Soham grades/funskate has started again every Thursday 6-7pm at the Ross Peers Sports Centre. This can be booked in advance via the website or pay on the day.


Other News


Anyone visiting our site can message and contact us through the contact us form on the contact us page. However website messages are not monitored 24hrs a day so we advise anyone to also contact us through our Facebook page. Anyone messaging us through our Facebook page will receive an automatic message first before we reply.

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