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Cambridgeshire Artistic Roller Skating Club was formed in March 2017 and we begun our sessions in August 2017. We now have a team of improver skaters and continue to grow in numbers with our grades skaters. As a club we are very proud of where we are now and proud of the skaters we have as members of our club. We aim to provide a fun and friendly environment for skaters to learn, make friends and eventually compete to the highest standards. 

Zoe King - Head Coach

Zoe started inline roller skating on the road outside her house when she was about 8 years old, and then started artistic roller skating in 2003 when she was 12. She has been obsessed ever since and has dedicated many hours to the sport. Her qualifications are: Preliminary figures, Preliminary free and Silver dance. She has trained internationally with various coaches and competed abroad twice at junior and senior level. Zoe's passions within the sport include inclusivity, empowerment and promoting a positive mental attitude. 

When Zoe isn't on eight wheels, she works as a nurse, however she luckily is still able to attend all training sessions and competitions. 

Zoe loves her role as Head Coach, and is constantly thinking of ways to develop and improve the club. She especially loves competitions where she gets to spend time with her CARSC family. 


Chris Farrier - Coach

I have been skating since the club formed in 2017. Having been to an International Gala as a spectator watching Zoe skate, I could see the passion she has for the sport and the hard work she puts into her routines. I am a firm believer in working hard to achieve your goals. Ever since then I have been learning how to skate and I have now competed at four competitions in figures and dance events and competed at the British Championships. I will be competing again this October 2024 at the British Championships.

I work full time as a police officer, trying to juggle the hectic life of shift work around time outside work skating and doing other things. I am fully committed to helping our club grow and coach skaters to the highest standards.

I am very excited to be part of this club and the project we have embarked on. It is great to see everyone every week and see them enjoying themselves. Our aim is to make our club a fun and friendly atmosphere whereby they can learn to skate and progress.

Hannah Hayward - Coach

Hannah used to skate with Zoe approximately 10-15 years ago, and then returned to coach at CARSC in January 2022. She is Preliminary standard for dance, and is due to take her Inter-Bronze test this year. 

Hannah has a baby named Matilda who often joins us in sessions to say hi, and will be on skates as soon as she can fit in a pair!

Hannah gets very emotional at competitions and will often be sobbing during skaters' routines - don't worry, she is okay! We are so glad Hannah has joined us and she is a fantastic asset to our coaching team. 

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