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This page contains a range of important information from purchasing skates to competitions and club membership. We hope it contains what you're looking for!

CARSC introduction guide 

If you were not sent the CARSC introduction guide kindly written by Coach-in-Training Gavin when you started, please follow the below link! Alternatively take a look if you are interested in what we do. The link will download as a PDF. 

To   visit the CARSC  introduction  guide, follow this link!

Which skates to look for

When you first start skating you can use your own skates or you can rent skates from us. However if you would like to purchase your own skates, we strongly recommend you contact us rather than purchasing from sports shops. This is because the skates we use cannot be purchased in this country and come from suppliers in Italy. These skates are not what you would find in sports shops. If you purchase skates brand new, the cost can be high. We have a small stock of reasonably priced second hand artistic skates which are available to buy. Some skaters do like to purchase a brand new pair of skates and we can provide advice on which skates are best and advise the best place to look for them. Websites to look at are: and Skate Solutions.

We recommend looking at our guide to buying skates and parts. The link is below, and will download as a PDF.

To visit Zoe's guide to buying skates and parts, follow this  link!

Skate Maintenance

We advise skaters to always ensure their skates are maintained to the highest standard. Over time dirt and dust can build up around the wheels and bearings, and it is very important to make sure you clean these areas regularly. We advise taking the wheels off and cleaning around the trucks and plate regularly. When considering the type of bearings to use, we recommend looking for Roll Line speed Max ABEC 9 bearings or Roll Line Speed Race bearings, as these will enable the wheels to spin easily and fast. If you have any questions about skate maintenance then speak to one of the club coaches who will be happy to help and offer advice.

GBSA Basic Grades

Skaters will work through the GBSA Basic Grades 1-6. These include a variety of skills to learn, from skating along without falling to performing an arabesque and many other fun elements. Skaters will be taught elements from each grade and then assessed by one of our coaches. Once coaches have passed a skater in a particular grade, the skater will move onto the next grade, until grade 6 where a judge will assess them at a test day arranged by the coaches. Grade books can be purchased at every grades session so please speak to one of our coaches if you require a grade book. To accompany the grade books, skaters can purchase a grade badge along with small segments to be sewn together to make a full circle. (PLEASE NOTE: GBSA basic grades will be changing. When changes are confirmed we will inform all of our regular skaters who have not already passed their grades 1- 6.  Any skater who has already passed their grade 6 test will NOT have to re do all of their basic grades under the new system)


Once skaters have achieved their grade 6 they will be able to continue learning through grades 7 and above in a discipline of their choice. This will either be dance or freestyle. Our coaches are very experienced in the area of competitions having competed in many themselves. They will be on hand to answer any questions you have about anything competition related. Coaches will work with skaters to teach them the routines for competitions and choreograph routines for the dance discipline. Skaters will be invited to improver's sessions when they are ready, looking ahead to competitions. This will be invite only for grade 4 and above to allow our coaches to work one to one with skaters.

When competing in competitions, skaters will  represent our club by wearing a club dress or club top. To accompany this skaters will also wear boot covers on their skates to create the professional look required for the competition environment. (Picture to the left) This image is of our Head Coach Zoe King competing at Maidstone competition in 2015.

Once skaters have gained experience and continue to practice and work hard, they may have the opportunity and be selected at some point to represent Great Britain at International level. Coach Zoe has represented GB and it is the ultimate honour for each skater to be able to represent their country in this sport. We will provide all skaters that compete in competitions with a competition pack containing information on what to expect, what to bring and other useful information.

Should you require information from GBSA (Great Britain Skate Artistic) or need to contact them. Their website link is below:

Club Membership

CARSC offer membership for improver skaters only. These are skaters who reach a certain and who are invited to any of the clubs improver sessions. Details of club membership are below but please speak to one of our coaches who can provide you with a membership form to fill in. All club memberships will renew on 01/02/2025


Club Membership details

Membership fee: £8 per year

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