We run grades and improvers sessions each week which are listed below. In addition to these sessions, we also run special events throughout the year and these include Fun skate parties, summer events, Halloween and Christmas party. Our sessions run throughout the year including school holidays.

**** Please note: improvers sessions are invite only. Coaches will send invites and speak with skaters/parents before they are invited to an improver session.****

Skating will return from Sunday 18th April. All improver skaters have been contacted re the opening of sessions from Sunday and given details of times, location and Covid rules. We will still contiune to follow Covid rules as set out by us in conjunction with FARS and advice from the BRSF.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone after such a long time not being on skates.


CARSC Coaches

Grades & Improvers sessions

Skating can finally return from Sunday 19th April 2021. Following being given the go ahead from the BRSF and FARS, skating sessions will run again from Sunday 18/04/21. Please see below for more details:


An announcement on the reopening of grades sessions will be communicated shortly.

Important information below for ALL improvers


Due to Covid regulation changes, we will split everyone who attends our improvers sessions into two groups. These groups have been communicated out to all our improvers. Everyone will skate the same amount of hours and will skate at the same time. However we will split the hall in half.

Each group will enter the sports all from a different entrance.

Paradise Centre Ely (Sunday sessions): Main entrance door and rear door into the sports hall.

Times: 10am-12noon

Ross Peers Sports Centre Soham (Thursday sessions): Please form two lines outside the centre and we will collect each group to bring them into the hall.


Fun Skate Events

Fun Skate Events

Please note there will be no fun skate events for the foreseeable due to the COVID-19 outbreak.