Cambridgeshire Artistic Roller Skating Club was formed in March 2017 and we begun our sessions in August 2017. Head Coaches Zoe and Rachel have been in the skating world for a long time and have always wanted to set up their own club. They are assisted by Coach Chris who forms part of the Coaching team and also competes for the club. As a club we are very proud of where we are now and proud of the skaters we have as members of our club. We aim to provide a fun and friendly environment for skaters to learn, make friends and eventually compete to the highest standards. 

Zoe King - Head Coach

I have been skating ever since I was 12, so at the age of 27 I have been around the skating world for what seems like a lifetime! I could never imagine my life without skating. I am a preliminary standard skater for figures and freestyle, but my main focus is on dance, in which I am silver standard. I compete in the British Championships every year and have represented my country competing internationally. I have also trained with international coaches abroad.

I have a passion for coaching and I began coaching other skaters during grades sessions when I was 15. I love seeing skaters improve, and also finding fun ways for them to learn. Our first stater session was an amazing success and I absolutely loved every minute of it. We now have our regular grades sessions and have so many skaters attending these, and so many improvers.

I work full time as a Critical Care Nurse which I enjoy very much. I am very excited that I am starting my own club with my best friend Rachel too!

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Rachel Hobbs - Head Coach 

I first started skating at the age of 12 and competed in my first competition at the age of 13. I absolutely loved skating and would count down the days until I could get my skates on again. For 4 years I skated 20 hours a week but unfortunately around 2007/08 I had to cut down due to work commitments. The last few years I have been regularly skating again and have been dreaming about coaching and having my own club.

I now work full time as a seamstress and I am so excited to be where we are now 14 years after putting my first pair of skates on. To know I have  opened my very own Artistic Roller Skating club with my best friend Zoe is amazing.

Thank you to everyone that joined us at our first taster session and to everyone who has been regularly attending our grades sessions since then. It has been a dream come true. Cant wait to see you all again!

Chris Farrier - Coach

I haven't been skating all that  long but I now cant wait to get my skates on! Having been to an International Gala as a spectator watching Zoe skate, I could see the passion she has for the sport and the hard work she puts into her routines. I am a firm believer in working hard to achieve your goals. Ever since then I have been slowly learning how to skate with the help of our two club coaches Zoe and Rachel. I have now competed at two competitions in figures and dance and have so much confidence to go out on the floor and skate my best. The buzz from competition environment is something I think everyone should experience.

I work full time as a police officer, trying to juggle the hectic life of shift work around time outside work skating and doing other things. I am fully committed to helping our club grow and coach skaters to the highest standards.

I am very excited to be part of this club and the project we have embarked on. Our first taster session was a great success and we now have in excess of 70 regular skaters! It is great to see everyone every week and see them enjoying themselves. Our aim is to make our club a fun and friendly atmosphere whereby they can learn to skate and progress.

"Ambition is the path to success"

Jodi  Gaskin - Coach

Picture coming soon

Picture coming soon

I started skating when I was 15 and made some incredible friends during this time. I was lucky enough to win a couple of medals in dance and figures, however when it came to free programmes I spent more time falling over on my bottom than actually skating! But this never stopped me getting back up and giving it another try. As long as you try your best and enjoy every minute then thats all we ask for. As my dear friend Dory once said 'Just keep skating, just keep skating'.

I absolutely love coaching and watching our skaters grow in confidence and ability. The biggest reward with coaching is seeing the happiness and pride in skaters when they perfect a skill.

I currently work as a full time Paramedic with the East of England Ambulance Service. Due to shift work I am sometimes unable to attend every skating session but when I can, I just love getting my skates on and having fun!

Thank you for your support with the club and I look forward to skating with you all!