Welcome to the CARSC House League

The House league has been developed so we are able to track skaters achievements and for skaters to be rewarded for their efforts. Teamwork is one of our values as a club so we have split our skaters into four houses: Axel, Lutz, Rocker and Chocktaw. These are names of skating jumps and turns. League standings will be updated every week so please keep an eye out on this page. Skaters can gain points for their house by helping others, working hard, personal achievements etc. There will be 6 skaters per house ranging from all abilities and ages. Some houses may have more or less skaters however as new skaters become improver skaters, we will be adding them to houses. Now the houses have been formed, points will be totalled up after each session and a running total given to show 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. These will be announced on this page. This will continue to be updated on a regular basis to highlight how each house is doing.

Please note: Points will continue to be totalled up and places will be changed after each improver session. Points can be obtained from Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday improver sessions. Keep an eye out on this page after each improver session in the evening where House places will be changed.

Weekly Winner: The weekly winner will be the house who has obtained the most amount of house points in total. This will be Tuesday to the following Tuesday's improver session.

Points week: 


Points Total = 885


Weekly Winner: 

Please note we are currently making some changes to the way points will be awarded and when they will be awarded so points totals have not been updated recently. These will be updated shortly.


Points Total = 810


Points Total = 760


Points Total = 685




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